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Dixon created the Dxi brand in 1969 choosing the name because it is easy to understand and pronounced the same way around the world. At that time, Dxi was also considered an “alternative energy”, so the word stood for an alternative taste in fashion. Dxi has an international team of talented designers Dxi launched its first ‘Design for desire’ advertising campaign in 1999 instantly establishing a reputation for innovative marketing. The brand’s first flagship stores in India opened in 2011.

Dxi is now responsible for creating and mixing a team of internal and external creative’s to ensure that Dxi continues to be one of the world’s most innovative brands as it enters a new decade a new era Dxi clothing co.

  • Polo t-shirt's
  • Roundneck t-shirt's
  • Sweatshirts
  • Track Suits
  • Gym Wear
  • Fashion Trax
  • Fashion Shorts
  • Fashion Pullovers
  • Jackets