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Fast Fashion Apparel Manufacturing with AI at DX-IXI-SPORT

DX-IXI-SPORT is a fast-fashion apparel manufacturing company based in India that uses artificial intelligence to create innovative fashion garments to provide high-quality knitted products for men. Our domestic and international customer base relies on us to share insights on upcoming trends and to support their objective to manufacture products that capture the latest market trends. We are continuously expanding our production capacity to fulfill our client's needs.

We are always searching for buying agents, entrepreneurship buyers, and business partners to grow our business while creating business opportunities for our partners. We provide an option for sustainable fashion entrepreneurs to create apparel solutions that can be customized to include private brand labels. We prioritize quality and fashion as we deliver end-to-end services to our clients.

DX-IXI-SPORT is renowned for its easily understandable and globally recognized brand name. The brand is known for its innovative marketing campaigns and launched the "Design for desire" campaign in 1999. Our international team of talented designers ensures DX-IXI-SPORT remains one of the world's most innovative brands as we move forward.

We offer a large product range, including polo t-shirts, roundneck t-shirts, sweatshirts, track suits, gym wear, fashion trax, fashion pullovers, and jackets.

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